Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct. 2015

Oct. 2015

Great places to read at Deep Run High School Library


New library display : Books that are being made or have already been made in to movies. 

Don't judge a book by its cover display

Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Dickey working with students
Mrs. Fuller assisting students in their library research
Doing Citations the old fashioned way
Another great place to read in the Library
Mrs. Jameson and Mrs. Lopez supporting cancer with pink out shirts
                                             Page Turner's Meeting during one lunch                                                           
Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Oliver working with students     
Halloween Friday at Deep Run HS Library
Plagiarism Quiz we used with Mrs. Stockdale's, Mr. Ruman's, and Ms. Albright's classes. See link below:
Plagiarism Quiz

English 11 Social Issues Research Project, using Databases and Easybib. See link below:
Social Issues Research Project

Mr. Campbell's Silent Movie Project. See link below:
Silent movie project instructions and example
We had 21 teaching days in October.
We worked with 56 Classes this month.
We worked with the following 10 teachers this month:

English                            Social Studies                CTE                        Science
A. Dickey                         P. Bucska                    P. Rogers                 G. O'Dell
C. Fuller                           P. Stockdale
S. Oliver                           R. Rumans
                                         N. Albright
                                         A. Campbell

We presented at the first PLC meeting on Oct. 6 at 8:15am about using the Big6 Research Model. See link below:
Using the Big 6 Research Model 
We presented at the county wide staff development for librarians on Oct. 12th at Rolfe MS. See link below:
Engaging Group Lessons for High School Librarians

We had a Page Turner's Meeting during one lunch on Oct. 13th. to discuss the book Invisible. 
We attended CPR training at Hermitage HS on Oct. 14th at Hermitage Tech Center at 5:00pm.
Mrs. Lopez attended the monthly mentoring meeting at Longdale ES on Oct. 15th at 3:30pm
Mrs. Lopez's mentee from Freeman HS spent the day with us observing on Oct. 16th.
We attended the faculty meeting on Tues. Oct. 20th at 8:00am.
We attended the Senior Project Committee Meeting on Oct. 21st at 4:00pm
Mrs. Smart attended the Leadership Meeting on Oct. 23rd at 8:00am
Mrs. Lopez spent the morning observing her Mentee at Freeman HS on Oct. 26th.

We attended common planning with the CTE department on Oct. 29  during One Lunch and presented collaboration ideas. See link below:
CTE Collaboration Ideas

We each submitted a lesson to the Library Learning Tool Box this month.
We each submitted the monthly library snapshot to our library specialist this month.

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