Friday, February 26, 2016

February 2016

Feb. 2016- Deep Run High School Library

Ms. Edward's and the substitute assisting students with a Research Lesson
Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Edward's class

There were 20 teaching days in February.
We worked with 45 classes this month.
We worked with the following 11 teachers:

Mrs. Khimani (English), Mrs. Russ (English), Mrs. Berry (English), Mrs. Corbett (English), Mrs. Fuller (English), Ms. Daniels (English), Mrs. Dickey (English), Mrs. Stockdale (Soc. Studies), Mr. Dickey (Soc. Studies) Mrs. Matthews (Business and Marketing), Mrs. Herrmann ( Fashion and Design)

Feb. 3- Mrs. Jameson worked in attendance all day
Feb. 11-8:00 Mrs. Smart attended the leadership meeting
Feb. 19- Mrs. Smart submitted our book order to library services
Feb, 23-8:00 Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez attended the faculty meeting
Feb. 23-12:15- Page Turners book club meeting during onelunch
Feb. 23- Mrs. Jameson worked in attendance all day
Feb. 25-3:30-5:00 -Mrs. Lopez attended the mentoring meeting at Arthur Ashe Elementary School
Feb. 26- 6:00-8:00 -Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart sold tickets for the Mr. Deep Run Pageant
Feb. 29- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez submitted our monthly snapshot to our specialist

Mrs. Smart helping a student
Mrs. Khimani's English classes working in the library
Mrs. Matthew's class working in the library
Page Turner's discussing "The Catcher in the Rye"
Mrs. Lopez with cart of books in Mrs, Herrmann's class
Students working in Mrs, Herrmann's class

Links to lessons we've worked on with classes this month.

9th grade English classes - Plagiarism Lesson
Mrs. Herrmann's Fashion classes - Fashion Designer Portfolios 
Mrs. Matthews's classes- Entrepreneurs Research and Speeches
Mrs. Khimani's classes- Writing a Social Issues Research Paper
Mrs. Stockdale's classes- OneSearch Databases to use for Research

Mr. Dickey's class working in the library