Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Monday, June 13, 2016

May-June 2016

Skyping and Learning about Human Tracking with Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Latcovich's class
May-June 2016

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

There were 21 teaching days in May
There were 9  days of AP testing. May 2-12.  There were 1448 AP exams given at Deep Run HS.
There were 7 days of SOL testing -May 18-26
There were 4 days of makeup SOL testing-May 31-June 3

We worked with 28 classes the month of May and 8 teachers, which included English, Science, and Soc. Studies. 

There were 13.5 teaching days in June
We worked with 9 classes this month and 2 Soc. Studies teachers.

There were 5 days of expedited SOL retakes June 6-10
Seniors exams were June 7-10
The final exams were June 14-17 with early dismissal each day.

Mrs. Norris's class presenting to guest in the library
The introduction of guest
Mrs. Dickey introducing Roman Tours project to her class
Students getting books to work on their project
Mrs. Smart working with Mrs. Dickey's class 
Mrs. Lopez working with Mrs. Fuller's class on a Fairy Tales research project
Ms. Daniels working with her class in the library
Mrs. Latcovich's class skyping with Mrs. McCain

May Meeting and Responsibilities

May 10- Faculty Meeting- 8:00-8:55, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 11- Quill and Scroll Ceremony- 4:30-5:30
May 12- Faculty Meeting- 8:10-8:55 SOL Training, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 12- Quarterly Library Meeting- 4:15-6:00 Short Pump Middle School 
May 13-Leadership Meeting- 8:00-8:55 Mrs. Smart attended
May 18- Capstone projects- judged and graded by Mrs. Smart
May 18- Proctored a SOL exam-Mrs. Lopez
May 19- Mentoring Meeting 3:30-5:30 Mrs. Lopez attended
May 20- Capstone projects-judged and graded by Mrs. Smart 
May 26- Proctored a SOL exam- Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 31- Page Turners book club meeting during one lunch, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart

June Meetings and Responsibilities

June 1- Page Turners end of the year party 4:00-5:15, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
June 2- Spanish National Honor Society 4:30-5:30
June 9- Senior Project Interest Meeting during one lunch
June 15 - Graduation at 7:00 pm  Siegel Center,
June 17- End of the year Faculty Meeting
June 20- Library Services Luncheon and Retiree send off 12:00-3:00 Confederate Hills Recreation Center.

Farewell to our Senior Page Turners and Good Luck!
Students presenting their Roman Tour projects from Mrs. Dickey's class 

Exams, Exams and More Exams

Have a fun and restful summer and we will see you in September!
Read a good book on vacation.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 2016

Mrs. Smart working with Mrs. Gibson's class on Storytelling

There were 19 teaching days in April and one 1/2 day.
We worked with 48 classes during April.
We worked with the following 10 teachers:
English- Alcazar, Berry, Russ, A. Dickey, Daniels, and Gibson
Social Studies: Stockdale and D. Dickey
Science: Mrs. Whitfield
CIT: Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Smart collaborating about a Historical Fiction Lesson
Mrs. Lopez serving as Judge with Mrs. Russ Mythology lesson
Mrs. Smart announcing sentencing during a mythology lesson
April 13- All Henrico Reads Field Trip- 9:30-11:30 Glen Allen HS- Author visit
April 14- Leadership Meeting 8:00- 8:55 Mrs. Smart attended
April 20- Faculty Meeting 2:20-3:30(Librarians provided cookies and books for Library Month)
April 21- Mentoring Meeting 3:30-5:00 - Mrs. Lopez (did not attend)
April 25- Meeting with Mr. Pritchard 9:30-10:00 - Discussed One Lunch and Assistants
April 26- Page Turners Meeting during One Lunch- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez 
April 27- National School Library Meeting 3:00-5:00- Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart attended

Mrs. Stockdale's class working on Ethical Stations
Mrs. Gibson's class working on storyboard ideas

We have been in the process of moving this month. We are moving out of the back library work room to make space for record storage for the school and now have a new workroom and office/personal area in our library. We have packed and unpacked and are ready to go in our new spaces. We also have been adjusting to the fact that we will be losing our full time library assistant next school year, who is being placed at an elementary school. So it has been an interesting month to celebrate library month with all the changes taking place. A big thank you to C & M for all of their help with moving cabinets and shelving during our move. We appreciate you greatly!

Our new office/ personal area in the library
New area for supplies and equipment
New library workroom and book processing room
 To see many of our lessons, please check out our library webpage and go to the project guides tab.

Friday, March 25, 2016

March 2016

Deep Run HS Library

There were 18 teaching days in March.
We worked with 38 classes this month and 13 teachers.
We worked with English teachers: A. Dickey, S. Gibson, C. Russ. J. Skinner. K. Corbett, D. Carpenter, C. Fuller, and B. Berry
We worked with Science teacher: J. Whitfield
We worked with Soc. Studies teachers: K. Eddins and D. Dickey
We worked with CTE teachers: R. Matthews and J. Tolley 

Mrs. Fuller's class working on Poetry Stations.

English class working on Plagiarism lesson
Students hunting for eggs during Engineering egg hunt

Students working on questions from the Poetry egg hunt
            Mrs. Russ class working on Mythology research

March 1st-  Last PLC meeting in the morning and Quarterly Library Meeting at Libby Mill Library with all librarians in the county. 
March 10th- Mrs. Lopez attended political debate in Mr. Eddins class and judged student performances. 
March 15th - Faculty Meeting 8:00am- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez attended
March 17th- Mrs. Smart planning with Mrs. Berry and D. Jamerson works attendance in AM
March 22nd- Page Turners Meeting during One Lunch to discuss, One Amazing Thing, The All Henrico Reads book.
March 23rd- D. Jamerson attended Advisory Meeting 8:00am
March 24th- Mrs. Smart attended the Leadership Meeting 8:00am

To see many of these lessons, please visit our website and look under the tab Project Guides. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

February 2016

Feb. 2016- Deep Run High School Library

Ms. Edward's and the substitute assisting students with a Research Lesson
Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Edward's class

There were 20 teaching days in February.
We worked with 45 classes this month.
We worked with the following 11 teachers:

Mrs. Khimani (English), Mrs. Russ (English), Mrs. Berry (English), Mrs. Corbett (English), Mrs. Fuller (English), Ms. Daniels (English), Mrs. Dickey (English), Mrs. Stockdale (Soc. Studies), Mr. Dickey (Soc. Studies) Mrs. Matthews (Business and Marketing), Mrs. Herrmann ( Fashion and Design)

Feb. 3- Mrs. Jameson worked in attendance all day
Feb. 11-8:00 Mrs. Smart attended the leadership meeting
Feb. 19- Mrs. Smart submitted our book order to library services
Feb, 23-8:00 Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez attended the faculty meeting
Feb. 23-12:15- Page Turners book club meeting during onelunch
Feb. 23- Mrs. Jameson worked in attendance all day
Feb. 25-3:30-5:00 -Mrs. Lopez attended the mentoring meeting at Arthur Ashe Elementary School
Feb. 26- 6:00-8:00 -Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart sold tickets for the Mr. Deep Run Pageant
Feb. 29- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez submitted our monthly snapshot to our specialist

Mrs. Smart helping a student
Mrs. Khimani's English classes working in the library
Mrs. Matthew's class working in the library
Page Turner's discussing "The Catcher in the Rye"
Mrs. Lopez with cart of books in Mrs, Herrmann's class
Students working in Mrs, Herrmann's class

Links to lessons we've worked on with classes this month.

9th grade English classes - Plagiarism Lesson
Mrs. Herrmann's Fashion classes - Fashion Designer Portfolios 
Mrs. Matthews's classes- Entrepreneurs Research and Speeches
Mrs. Khimani's classes- Writing a Social Issues Research Paper
Mrs. Stockdale's classes- OneSearch Databases to use for Research

Mr. Dickey's class working in the library


Friday, January 29, 2016

Jan. 2016

January 2016

There were 15 working days in January. We were out 4 days for snow and exams were cancelled.

Teaching and Collaboration

We taught 16 classes the month of January and worked with the following 6 teachers.

Mrs. Roger-Family and Consumer Science
Mr. Campbell- Social Studies
Mrs. Norris- Center for Information and Technology
Ms. Daniels- English
Mrs. Physioc- World Languages-Spanish
Mrs. Stockdale- Social Studies, Economics and Finance

Meetings and other Learning experiences

Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) meetings

Jan. 5- Lead Information and Fluency Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 8 - Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 15- Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 29- Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45

Faculty Meetings

Jan. 12- 8:00 in the auditorium
Jan. 28- 8:35 in the auditorium

Guest Speaker

Jan. 7- Mr. Diaz from Spain and Mrs. Hand's Spanish students - questions and answers session


Jan. 7- filmed Mrs. Daniels class for her National Board submission and did an observation for our yearly evaluation.

Jan. 13- Met with Marcie Walsh a VCU professor about a Research Matrix spreadsheet and how it is helpful to students when organizing their papers. We will use this with upcoming classes.

Jan. 14- Met with Randy McLawhorn our Follett book representative to discuss our current collection and how he can better serve our needs.

Jan. 21- Attended the monthly Mentoring Meeting held at Carver Elementary School 3:30-5:00

Fun Activities for Students & Staff

Jan. 19- Had a Page Turner's Meeting during One Lunch with snacks and discussion questions about the book The Night Circus.

Jan. 26- Had planned a Library Open House for staff to come by and have a sweet treat after exams to see some of our lessons and collaborate with us. This was cancelled since we were out for snow and exams were also cancelled.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 2015

 December 2015

New books have arrived just in time for the holiday. Come check them out. The are on display on top of our fiction section. 

DRHS student in the spirit for the holiday!
Deep Run High School hosted a Principal's Meeting on Dec. 1
The Season of Giving Window Display

Winter Wonderland Window Display
There were 14 teaching days in December.
We worked with 17 classes this month.
We worked and collaborated  with 6 teachers and the following departments Soc. Studies,
English, Family and Consumer Science, and Computer Information Technology.

Don't forget to register your Kroger card to DRHS
How to register your Kroger card
The 12 days of YA books display
Read to improve your SAT scores display

Books with great first lines display

Mrs. Roger's students presenting in class
Mrs. Smart updating and working on Station Lessons
Ms. Albright's class working in the library.   
Ms. Dalton's classes working on stations in the library
Page Turner's making sugar cone holiday trees 

We created Ethical Stations to do with a Leadership class. Ethical Stations
We created Mythological Stations to do with a Soc.Studies class Greek & Roman Mythology Stations
We created a pinterest board on Civil War sites for a Soc.Studies class.   Civil War sites
We pulled books and showed database resources to a CIT class.
We showed database sources to a F & CS class.

Meetings and Learning Opportunities

Mrs, Lopez filmed Mrs. Smart and Ms. Daniels teaching lessons for their National Board submissions.
Deep Run HS Library hosted a Principal's Meeting on Dec. 1 from 8:00-12:00
Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart went to the closing of Dumbarton Library and collected about 100 books to add to our collection.
Page Turner's Book Club Meeting and Holiday Party 4:00-5:30 Dec. 14th
We attended the Faculty Meeting on Dec. 15th at 8:00am
Mrs. Lopez hosted the Librarians Mentoring Meeting on Dec. 17th from 3:30-5:00
We attended the Pep Rally on Friday Dec. 18th. 

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!