Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2015

Jan. 2015

There were 17 teaching days in the month of January. We had off for MLK day and off for students the Monday after exams and then off one day for snow.

We had exams Jan. 20-23 with early dismissal each day. So, there were actually only 13 teaching days for January.

We worked with 4 different teachers the month of January.

We taught new printing procedures to all of Mr. O'Dells classes. Students now have to enter a number code to retrieve their printing. Directions have been put in school space and the librarians have all student's codes if they should forget their code.

We taught Mrs. Rogers classes how to use Mixbook for a class project.

Mrs. Prego invited us to participate with 2 of her classes. She invited us to come and play video games the students made and then evaluate them on a Google doc.

Mrs. Norris classes came in to start doing research for their capstone projects.

We are ready for the snow!

Our snowman made of books

New book displays in the library:

Rainbow of books

New Year's Resolution books

Book display with notes and suggestions

New books that just arrived
Page Turners Meeting: Jan. 12th after school and makeup during extended study. We read and discussed the book, "I Robot" this month. We had discussion questions, snacks and then students made their own robots.

Meetings and committees:

Jan. 6 - PLC meeting 8:15. Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart
Jan. 8- Mentoring committee meeting at 3:30 at Holladay Elementary, Mrs. Lopez
Jan. 12- Page Turners Book Club 4:00-5:15, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 13- Page Turner Book Club during extended study.Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 15- Deep Run Challenge club meeting during extend study, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 20-Faculty Meeting 8:00, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 22- Leadership Meeting 8:00. Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 23- Pot Luck lunch 12:30, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
Jan. 26- Quarterly Library Meeting at Wilder MS, 2:00-3:30, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart

Coming soon for February................................

Double DEAR in advisory,  drop everything and read Feb 2nd and 23rd. Come check out a book and be ready.