Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 2016

Mrs. Smart working with Mrs. Gibson's class on Storytelling

There were 19 teaching days in April and one 1/2 day.
We worked with 48 classes during April.
We worked with the following 10 teachers:
English- Alcazar, Berry, Russ, A. Dickey, Daniels, and Gibson
Social Studies: Stockdale and D. Dickey
Science: Mrs. Whitfield
CIT: Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Smart collaborating about a Historical Fiction Lesson
Mrs. Lopez serving as Judge with Mrs. Russ Mythology lesson
Mrs. Smart announcing sentencing during a mythology lesson
April 13- All Henrico Reads Field Trip- 9:30-11:30 Glen Allen HS- Author visit
April 14- Leadership Meeting 8:00- 8:55 Mrs. Smart attended
April 20- Faculty Meeting 2:20-3:30(Librarians provided cookies and books for Library Month)
April 21- Mentoring Meeting 3:30-5:00 - Mrs. Lopez (did not attend)
April 25- Meeting with Mr. Pritchard 9:30-10:00 - Discussed One Lunch and Assistants
April 26- Page Turners Meeting during One Lunch- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez 
April 27- National School Library Meeting 3:00-5:00- Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart attended

Mrs. Stockdale's class working on Ethical Stations
Mrs. Gibson's class working on storyboard ideas

We have been in the process of moving this month. We are moving out of the back library work room to make space for record storage for the school and now have a new workroom and office/personal area in our library. We have packed and unpacked and are ready to go in our new spaces. We also have been adjusting to the fact that we will be losing our full time library assistant next school year, who is being placed at an elementary school. So it has been an interesting month to celebrate library month with all the changes taking place. A big thank you to C & M for all of their help with moving cabinets and shelving during our move. We appreciate you greatly!

Our new office/ personal area in the library
New area for supplies and equipment
New library workroom and book processing room
 To see many of our lessons, please check out our library webpage and go to the project guides tab.