Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 2015


We had 16 school days and 1 1/2 day in the month of April.
We taught 42 classes this month in the library.

Mrs. Norris students came in to do research for their capstone projects.

Ms. Tolley's classes came in to do an Egg Hunt Scavenger's hunt on Engineering topics.

Students reading and answering clues
Students looking for eggs with clues

Mrs. Russ students came in to work on their Do the Crime, Do the Time Mythology projects.
student presenting his case

Mrs. Smart judging a case

Guest Judge Mrs. Corbett

Student presenting her case

Mrs. Dickey's classes came in to work on their Roman Tour Guides projects.

Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Smart introducing the project
Students giving their tour guide

National School Library Month (April )and Week (April 13-17)

Flowers and candy on April 13 from our Deep Run High School PTA

For each library staff member.

Lunch from Panera Bread provided for the library staff by our very supportive PTA and ending with a delicious cookie on April 16.

The librarians celebrated with the faculty by providing easy listening music and ice cream bowls with assorted toppings during lunches. We appreciate our faculty and all of those that promote the library and collaborate with us throughout the school year.

Mr. Hudson with his ice cream bowl

Mr. O'Dell enjoying his ice cream bowl in the library

Group of teachers enjoying their ice cream 
Deep Run Challenge Students helping us finish off the ice cream

Preparing for lessons:
Books on  reserve for Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Russ's classes

New book displays:

Check out these Books:
Getting students interested in books and reading

New Books have arrived:

New Fiction Books on Display

Displayed in a series, book 1, book 2, book 3

New Non-Fiction books on display

Book club Meeting: Having snacks and discussing the book "Code Orange"

Senior Project: Elsa preparing to present her Senior Project:

Presenting her year long senior project
School Library Month Celebration at Henrico High School: All libraries in the county will present to the school board members in their district. Here is what we presented: Deep Run High School Library

Meeting and Special Events:

April 2- Deep Run Challenge Club Meeting- Mrs. Smart
April 13 - One Lunch Meeting - 8:00 - Mrs. Smart
April 16- Library assistant came to observe- Mrs. Leonard
April 16- Ice Cream for Faculty - during all lunches
April 20- One Lunch Meeting- Mrs. Smart- cancelled
April 20- VALIC meeting after school - 4:30-6:00
April 21- Faculty Meeting 8:00- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez
April 23- Secondary Library Meeting at Belmont Rec. Center 9:30-11:30- Mrs. Smart, Mrs. Lopez
April 27-One Lunch Meeting 8:00- Mrs. Smart
April 27- Page Turners Book Club Meeting 4:00-5:15- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez
April 28- Page Turners Make up Meeting during extended study- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez
April 28- Senior Project Presentation and grading -4:00-5:00 Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez
April 29- Spanish National Honor Society Inductions- 4:00-5:00
April 29- School Library Month Celebration at Henrico HS 4:00- 5:30-Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez