Friday, January 31, 2014

January - Deep Run Library

Jan. 6-10

We worked with Mrs. Rogers classes on using to build a story about student's childhoods scanning pictures with the library scanner to build their stories

We worked with Mr. O'Dell's classes to complete their mineral lessons using website to display their information. This class was a collaboration with Mr. Metcalf (ITRT), Mr. O'Dell (teacher), Ms. Caldas (collab. teacher) and Mrs. Smart (Librarian)

We worked with Mrs. Perego/Mr. Zimmerman's (long term substitute) class on a lesson about the History of Computing using a timeline and students had to do independent  research using our library databases and then add that information to the timeline and prepare for a speech presentation to their classmates.

We meet with Mr. Gouldthroupe to collaborate on a lesson for his Spanish II classes in March. We have decided we will use a Google tool called story builder to develop this lesson.

We also meet with Mr. Dickey and collaborated with him about a lesson for his leadership class. They will do a project where they have to promote the LIBRARY.

Mrs. Smart working with a student
Mr. Metcalf checking student's work

Ms. Caldas helping a student

Mrs. Smart giving timeline directions
Databases students used for Research

Students adding to the timeline
Jan. 13-17

We worked on the agenda and a presentation, through emails and phone calls for an upcoming meeting this week with our specialist and other secondary librarians in the county.  See video above.
We had a hide and lock drill this week for safety.
We read professional articles and emailed them to the committee chair person to include in our staff development librarians website.
Mrs. Smart recreated the computer timeline and laminated the new version for future classes.
Mrs. Lopez worked on student portfolios as part of her professional growth plan.
We hosted along with the PTA, who sponsored an author visit. Anne Westrick, author of "Brotherhood" presented to students in the auditorium.

Students reading in the library during their lunch periods.

Mrs. Westrick speaking about primary sources and her book. She had lunch with us in the library prior to her presentation. Mrs. Westrick presented to Mr. Dickey's class, Mrs. Coleman's class, and Mrs. Carpenter's class. 

Mrs. Westrick & Mrs. Coleman having lunch
Presenting to students

answering questions
Talking about her book

Jan. 20-24 - Snow, Snow, and more Snow
Students were out of school all this week due to snow and icy roads. Exams were cancelled. 

Jan. 27-31- Snow Again!
Monday Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart attended the unconference at Glen Allen High School. It was a conference about using technology.
Students were out of school for snow Wednesday and Thursday.
Students who wanted to take exams were given the chance to take exams on Friday and Monday in the library all day.
We read book reviews in School Library Journal magazine, and decided which books to add to our Titlewave book order.
We were scheduled to see on Thursday and Friday Mrs. Matthews classes to do the computer timeline lesson, These lessons will be rescheduled since we are proctoring make up exams in the library. 
We had  scheduled to have our book club, "Page Turners" meeting on Tuesday after school. We discussed the book "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore. We had a round table discussions with questions about the book. We will reschedule this meeting, since all afternoon events were cancelled for weather.

There were 18 teaching days in January
4 days were  used for mid-term exam reviews
There were 2 teacher work days this month
6 days students were out for SNOW
2 days were used for makeup exams in the library
We were scheduled to teach 13 classes this month
We collaborated with 6 teachers this month
We collected $4.25 in fines this month
We collected $27.70 for student color printing this month
We set up and hosted an Author visit this month
We scheduled an after school book club meeting this month
We attended a day long technology conference this month