Friday, March 25, 2016

March 2016

Deep Run HS Library

There were 18 teaching days in March.
We worked with 38 classes this month and 13 teachers.
We worked with English teachers: A. Dickey, S. Gibson, C. Russ. J. Skinner. K. Corbett, D. Carpenter, C. Fuller, and B. Berry
We worked with Science teacher: J. Whitfield
We worked with Soc. Studies teachers: K. Eddins and D. Dickey
We worked with CTE teachers: R. Matthews and J. Tolley 

Mrs. Fuller's class working on Poetry Stations.

English class working on Plagiarism lesson
Students hunting for eggs during Engineering egg hunt

Students working on questions from the Poetry egg hunt
            Mrs. Russ class working on Mythology research

March 1st-  Last PLC meeting in the morning and Quarterly Library Meeting at Libby Mill Library with all librarians in the county. 
March 10th- Mrs. Lopez attended political debate in Mr. Eddins class and judged student performances. 
March 15th - Faculty Meeting 8:00am- Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez attended
March 17th- Mrs. Smart planning with Mrs. Berry and D. Jamerson works attendance in AM
March 22nd- Page Turners Meeting during One Lunch to discuss, One Amazing Thing, The All Henrico Reads book.
March 23rd- D. Jamerson attended Advisory Meeting 8:00am
March 24th- Mrs. Smart attended the Leadership Meeting 8:00am

To see many of these lessons, please visit our website and look under the tab Project Guides.