Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 2015

 December 2015

New books have arrived just in time for the holiday. Come check them out. The are on display on top of our fiction section. 

DRHS student in the spirit for the holiday!
Deep Run High School hosted a Principal's Meeting on Dec. 1
The Season of Giving Window Display

Winter Wonderland Window Display
There were 14 teaching days in December.
We worked with 17 classes this month.
We worked and collaborated  with 6 teachers and the following departments Soc. Studies,
English, Family and Consumer Science, and Computer Information Technology.

Don't forget to register your Kroger card to DRHS
How to register your Kroger card
The 12 days of YA books display
Read to improve your SAT scores display

Books with great first lines display

Mrs. Roger's students presenting in class
Mrs. Smart updating and working on Station Lessons
Ms. Albright's class working in the library.   
Ms. Dalton's classes working on stations in the library
Page Turner's making sugar cone holiday trees 

We created Ethical Stations to do with a Leadership class. Ethical Stations
We created Mythological Stations to do with a Soc.Studies class Greek & Roman Mythology Stations
We created a pinterest board on Civil War sites for a Soc.Studies class.   Civil War sites
We pulled books and showed database resources to a CIT class.
We showed database sources to a F & CS class.

Meetings and Learning Opportunities

Mrs, Lopez filmed Mrs. Smart and Ms. Daniels teaching lessons for their National Board submissions.
Deep Run HS Library hosted a Principal's Meeting on Dec. 1 from 8:00-12:00
Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart went to the closing of Dumbarton Library and collected about 100 books to add to our collection.
Page Turner's Book Club Meeting and Holiday Party 4:00-5:30 Dec. 14th
We attended the Faculty Meeting on Dec. 15th at 8:00am
Mrs. Lopez hosted the Librarians Mentoring Meeting on Dec. 17th from 3:30-5:00
We attended the Pep Rally on Friday Dec. 18th. 

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 2015

Nov. 2015
Mrs.Lopez won a Turkey for Thanksgiving!
Teaching and Collaborating

There were 16.5 teaching days in November.

We worked with 34 classes and 7 teachers this month. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Alcazar, Mrs. Stockdale, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Kessinger and Mrs. Norris

Link to Mrs. Anderson's classes lessons: Social Issues Research
Link to Mrs. Roger's classes lesson:Entrepreneur Project
Link to Mrs. Stockdale's classes lesson: Age of Revolutions Essay Instructions
Link to Mrs. Norris class lesson: Writing an APA Research Paper  check out Mrs. Smart's tutorial

Ms. Kessinger invited Mrs. Lopez to consult with her students about their work
Mrs. Smart teaching about Plagiarism     
Mrs. Smart teaching Mrs. Alcazar's class
We collaborated and planned with 3 teachers for lessons in December. Mr. Dickey, Ms. Dalton, and Mrs. Physioc.
We worked or collaborated and planned with the following departments: English, Soc. Studies, Career and Technical Education, World Languages, Math and Center for Information Technology.

Meetings and Learning Opportunities

We lead 2 PLC's- Professional Learning Communities on Tues. Nov. 3 about "The Big 6 Research process"
Our PLC in Google Classroom
We provided a Math Departmental Lunch on Wed. Nov. 4 and suggested ways we could collaborate on lessons.
We participated and talked with visitors during the Nov. 10 Safety Audit.
We had a Page Turner's book Club Meeting during one lunch on Nov. 10th and discussed George Orwell's, 1984.

We attended the VAASL  Virginia Association of School Libraries State Conference in Williamsburg on Nov. 20, where we presented a session on "Creative and Engaging Group Lessons for High School.   See presentation here: Librarians presentations at VAASL conference

We attend the faculty meeting on Nov. 17th at 8:00 where Dr. Kinlaw presented to the staff.
We attended the Veterans Assembly held in the gym.
Mrs. Lopez filmed Mrs. Smart teaching Mrs. Alcazar's classes for her National Board Submission.

Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez with the Library Pig at VAASL
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct. 2015

Oct. 2015

Great places to read at Deep Run High School Library


New library display : Books that are being made or have already been made in to movies. 

Don't judge a book by its cover display

Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Dickey working with students
Mrs. Fuller assisting students in their library research
Doing Citations the old fashioned way
Another great place to read in the Library
Mrs. Jameson and Mrs. Lopez supporting cancer with pink out shirts
                                             Page Turner's Meeting during one lunch                                                           
Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Oliver working with students     
Halloween Friday at Deep Run HS Library
Plagiarism Quiz we used with Mrs. Stockdale's, Mr. Ruman's, and Ms. Albright's classes. See link below:
Plagiarism Quiz

English 11 Social Issues Research Project, using Databases and Easybib. See link below:
Social Issues Research Project

Mr. Campbell's Silent Movie Project. See link below:
Silent movie project instructions and example
We had 21 teaching days in October.
We worked with 56 Classes this month.
We worked with the following 10 teachers this month:

English                            Social Studies                CTE                        Science
A. Dickey                         P. Bucska                    P. Rogers                 G. O'Dell
C. Fuller                           P. Stockdale
S. Oliver                           R. Rumans
                                         N. Albright
                                         A. Campbell

We presented at the first PLC meeting on Oct. 6 at 8:15am about using the Big6 Research Model. See link below:
Using the Big 6 Research Model 
We presented at the county wide staff development for librarians on Oct. 12th at Rolfe MS. See link below:
Engaging Group Lessons for High School Librarians

We had a Page Turner's Meeting during one lunch on Oct. 13th. to discuss the book Invisible. 
We attended CPR training at Hermitage HS on Oct. 14th at Hermitage Tech Center at 5:00pm.
Mrs. Lopez attended the monthly mentoring meeting at Longdale ES on Oct. 15th at 3:30pm
Mrs. Lopez's mentee from Freeman HS spent the day with us observing on Oct. 16th.
We attended the faculty meeting on Tues. Oct. 20th at 8:00am.
We attended the Senior Project Committee Meeting on Oct. 21st at 4:00pm
Mrs. Smart attended the Leadership Meeting on Oct. 23rd at 8:00am
Mrs. Lopez spent the morning observing her Mentee at Freeman HS on Oct. 26th.

We attended common planning with the CTE department on Oct. 29  during One Lunch and presented collaboration ideas. See link below:
CTE Collaboration Ideas

We each submitted a lesson to the Library Learning Tool Box this month.
We each submitted the monthly library snapshot to our library specialist this month.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aug.-Sept. 2015

Aug.-Sept. 2015

Spirit Week: Waldo was found between 2 things

Mrs. Jameson, Mrs. Smart, and Mrs. Lopez

Library Orientation Classes for all ninth graders. Using the catalog, databases, websites, and easybib.


We are back to school and enjoying our classes.
There were 16 teaching days in September.
We taught 25 classes the month of September.
We had 1 day and 2 hours of staff development this month.
We had a bring a bagged lunch and book discussion during one lunch this month.
Mrs. Lopez attended a Mentoring Meeting at Wilder Middle School this month.
We attended one Faculty Meeting and one Leadership Meeting this month.
We sent in a proposal to VAASL to present at our state conference this November.
We had 1 departmental common planning lunch with the Soc.Studies department during one lunch.
We saw Mrs. Alcazar, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Russ, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Skinner, and Mrs. Farmer's 9th grade English classes for library orientation.
We worked with Mrs. Norris classes, Ms. Tolley's classes and Ms. Farmer's class came in for book check out.

Collaborating and Planning together

Students Recruiting for Page Turner's Book Club

Mrs. Norris class in the library

Good food and common planning

Common Planning with the Librarians Presentation
How can we assist you with your curriculum?
Teachers listen as we present about past lessons. See presentation below.


Mrs. Lopez instructing Ms. Tolley's Class

Welcome Back!
Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Jameson, and Mrs. Smart               

Monday, June 1, 2015

May-June 2015

May-June 2015

We worked with 22 classes in the month of May.
There was one week of AP testing and two weeks of SOL testing for the month of May.
We met with all 11th grade English classes to introduce the Senior Project in May.

Mr. O'Dell introducing a Project
Mrs. Smart teaching how to make citations using EasyBib
Resources provided by librarians for Mr. Hudson project

Mr. Hudson helping students as they research in the library

Page Turners Book Club End of the Year Party
Page Turners Suggested Summer Reading Book Marks
Soccer Athletic Signing in the Library
Look who likes to work in the library at DRHS- Dr. Kinlaw
In May and June we provided coverage for 4 teachers for 5 classes.

Meetings and other events:

May 5th- National Board Certified Teacher Field Test- Mrs. Smart 1:00
May 11th- One Lunch Meeting- Mrs. Lopez 8:00
May 14th- Leadership Meeting- Mrs. Lopez & Mrs. Smart 8:00- cancelled
May 15th- Mrs. Smart judged Capstone Projects for CIT 8:30-12:00
May 21st- Mentoring Meeting at Arthur Ashe Elem. 3:30 -5:00 - Mrs. Lopez
May 26 st- Page Turners End of Year Party- extended study- Mrs. Lopez & Mrs. Smart
May 29th- Senior Project Interest Meeting during extended study- Mrs. Smart
June 1st- Graduation Practice for Faculty- 4:00 - Mrs. Lopez & Mrs. Smart
June 2nd - Senior Project Meeting 8:15- Mrs. Smart
June 9th- Meeting with Mr. Pritchard - Mrs. Smart & Mrs. Lopez
June 10th- Graduation at Siegel Center 3:00- Mrs. Smart & Mrs. Lopez
June 11th- National Board Certified Teacher Exam - Mrs. Smart 9:30
June 12th - Faculty Meeting all staff 
June 16th- County Library Reception Honoring Retirees 12:00-3:00

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