Monday, June 13, 2016

May-June 2016

Skyping and Learning about Human Tracking with Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Latcovich's class
May-June 2016

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

There were 21 teaching days in May
There were 9  days of AP testing. May 2-12.  There were 1448 AP exams given at Deep Run HS.
There were 7 days of SOL testing -May 18-26
There were 4 days of makeup SOL testing-May 31-June 3

We worked with 28 classes the month of May and 8 teachers, which included English, Science, and Soc. Studies. 

There were 13.5 teaching days in June
We worked with 9 classes this month and 2 Soc. Studies teachers.

There were 5 days of expedited SOL retakes June 6-10
Seniors exams were June 7-10
The final exams were June 14-17 with early dismissal each day.

Mrs. Norris's class presenting to guest in the library
The introduction of guest
Mrs. Dickey introducing Roman Tours project to her class
Students getting books to work on their project
Mrs. Smart working with Mrs. Dickey's class 
Mrs. Lopez working with Mrs. Fuller's class on a Fairy Tales research project
Ms. Daniels working with her class in the library
Mrs. Latcovich's class skyping with Mrs. McCain

May Meeting and Responsibilities

May 10- Faculty Meeting- 8:00-8:55, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 11- Quill and Scroll Ceremony- 4:30-5:30
May 12- Faculty Meeting- 8:10-8:55 SOL Training, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 12- Quarterly Library Meeting- 4:15-6:00 Short Pump Middle School 
May 13-Leadership Meeting- 8:00-8:55 Mrs. Smart attended
May 18- Capstone projects- judged and graded by Mrs. Smart
May 18- Proctored a SOL exam-Mrs. Lopez
May 19- Mentoring Meeting 3:30-5:30 Mrs. Lopez attended
May 20- Capstone projects-judged and graded by Mrs. Smart 
May 26- Proctored a SOL exam- Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
May 31- Page Turners book club meeting during one lunch, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart

June Meetings and Responsibilities

June 1- Page Turners end of the year party 4:00-5:15, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
June 2- Spanish National Honor Society 4:30-5:30
June 9- Senior Project Interest Meeting during one lunch
June 15 - Graduation at 7:00 pm  Siegel Center,
June 17- End of the year Faculty Meeting
June 20- Library Services Luncheon and Retiree send off 12:00-3:00 Confederate Hills Recreation Center.

Farewell to our Senior Page Turners and Good Luck!
Students presenting their Roman Tour projects from Mrs. Dickey's class 

Exams, Exams and More Exams

Have a fun and restful summer and we will see you in September!
Read a good book on vacation.