Friday, June 13, 2014

June-Deep Run Library

June 2-6

We worked with 8 different teachers this week.

A group of students working quietly during study hall

We went to Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Kessinger's classrooms to explain the Senior Project and give out notices for an interest meeting this week.

We worked with Mrs. Stockdale, Mr. Hudson, Mrs. Adkins and Mr. Bucska's classes doing a scavenger hunt using the online library catalog to find books and then answer content questions. The first group to win in each class received candy.

Mrs. Stockdale's class
Mr. Hudson's class

Mr. Bucska's class using the catalog

On Monday we had our end of the year Page Turners club meeting and ice cream party after school from 4:15-5:30.

On Friday we had a Senior Project meeting during extended study.  A former student named Muhammed Naqvi who did the Senior Project came and talked during the meeting.

Muhammed sharing with students about the senior project he did 4 years ago

Only overnight book checkouts after June 6. Most books should be returned by June 6th.

Ethan Miller, our weekly lunch buddy here in the library
June 9-13

 Final semester exams begin this week and students got out early Mon.-Thus. at 1:00 and Fri. at 10:30.

On Monday we had a lunch and learn session at the Federal Reserve Bank downtown. We learned about available resources to use with classes for next school year.

Lunch and Learn at the Federal Reserve Bank

We had faculty graduation practice on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday and Thursday we surplussed old broken equipment for the year.

Out with the old equipment to surplus you must go

 Wednesday was graduation for Deep Run High School at 11:00 at the Siegel Center. We had lunch as a faculty afterwards at Baja Bean.

Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart at the graduation

On Friday we had our end of the year faculty meeting and faculty cookout.

We signed off on end of the year checkout list in the library.

Our students have a sense of humor!

Teachers are lined up to check out for the school year!

June 16-17

We cleaned files and prepared for the 2014-2015 school year.
We had our end of the year Librarians meeting and retirement luncheon with all the librarians in the county.
We will be back 3rd week of August.

Have a wonderful summer vacation!