Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feb.-Mar. 2015

Wow, we had lots of snow in February. So we combined our blog post with March this month. 


There were 13 teaching days in February. We taught 18 classes in the month of February.
Media 1 and Media 2 were used by 6 different teachers 15 times in the month of February. (Mr. Eddins, Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Russ, Mr. Hill, Ms. Niemeier)

The librarians did our classroom observations this month. Mrs. Smart observed Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Lopez observed Mrs. Clark.

Mrs. Fuller's English classes came in to do Poetry Stations.

Mrs. Khimani's classes came in to do a research paper with assistance.

Mrs. Norris's classes came in to do research for their capstone projects.

Page Turners read Perks of Being a Wallflower this month.

Meetings in February:

Feb, 3 - 8:15- PLC Meeting
Feb. 12- 8:00 Leadership Meeting
Feb. 12-3:30-5:00 Mentoring Meeting at Godwin High School-Mrs. Lopez
Feb. 19- Library Meeting with secondary librarians - Belmont Recreation Association-cancelled for snow
Feb. 24- 8:15 PLC Meeting
Feb. 24- 4:00-5:15 Page Turners Meeting
Feb. 25- Page Turners makeup Meeting during extended study

There was an Athletic Signing in the library this month. 3 students signed to go on and play college level sports.


We taught 16 classes with 4 different teachers the month of March. Media 1 and Media 2 were used 25 times by 7 different teachers in March.

Mrs. Lopez observed Mrs. Skinner's English class this month on the 18th.

We started a March Madness with books this month, with voting brackets each Monday.

Jesse - winner of March Madness book bracket

We taught Mrs. Whitfield's classes how to find information and research on Genetic Disorders.

We had a Poetry Easter Egg Hunt with Mrs. Alcazar's English classes this month.

We taught Mrs. Gage's classes about copyright, fair use, and Google images this month. Click on the link below to see what was taught in the lesson. 


March 3- 8:15 PLC Meeting
March 9- 8:00- One Lunch Meeting - Mrs. Smart
March 12- 3:30-5:00 Mentoring Meeting Longdale Elementary- Mrs. Lopez
March 16- 8:00 - One Lunch Meeting- Mrs. Smart
March 17 - Meeting during lunch with the Library Specialist
March 18- One Lunch Meeting at James River High School-Mrs. Smart
March 23-8:00- One Lunch Meeting- Mrs. Smart
March26-8:00- Leadership Meeting