Friday, January 29, 2016

Jan. 2016

January 2016

There were 15 working days in January. We were out 4 days for snow and exams were cancelled.

Teaching and Collaboration

We taught 16 classes the month of January and worked with the following 6 teachers.

Mrs. Roger-Family and Consumer Science
Mr. Campbell- Social Studies
Mrs. Norris- Center for Information and Technology
Ms. Daniels- English
Mrs. Physioc- World Languages-Spanish
Mrs. Stockdale- Social Studies, Economics and Finance

Meetings and other Learning experiences

Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) meetings

Jan. 5- Lead Information and Fluency Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 8 - Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 15- Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45
Jan. 29- Participated in Schoology Meeting 8:15-8:45

Faculty Meetings

Jan. 12- 8:00 in the auditorium
Jan. 28- 8:35 in the auditorium

Guest Speaker

Jan. 7- Mr. Diaz from Spain and Mrs. Hand's Spanish students - questions and answers session


Jan. 7- filmed Mrs. Daniels class for her National Board submission and did an observation for our yearly evaluation.

Jan. 13- Met with Marcie Walsh a VCU professor about a Research Matrix spreadsheet and how it is helpful to students when organizing their papers. We will use this with upcoming classes.

Jan. 14- Met with Randy McLawhorn our Follett book representative to discuss our current collection and how he can better serve our needs.

Jan. 21- Attended the monthly Mentoring Meeting held at Carver Elementary School 3:30-5:00

Fun Activities for Students & Staff

Jan. 19- Had a Page Turner's Meeting during One Lunch with snacks and discussion questions about the book The Night Circus.

Jan. 26- Had planned a Library Open House for staff to come by and have a sweet treat after exams to see some of our lessons and collaborate with us. This was cancelled since we were out for snow and exams were also cancelled.

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