Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 2015

Nov. 2015
Mrs.Lopez won a Turkey for Thanksgiving!
Teaching and Collaborating

There were 16.5 teaching days in November.

We worked with 34 classes and 7 teachers this month. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Alcazar, Mrs. Stockdale, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Kessinger and Mrs. Norris

Link to Mrs. Anderson's classes lessons: Social Issues Research
Link to Mrs. Roger's classes lesson:Entrepreneur Project
Link to Mrs. Stockdale's classes lesson: Age of Revolutions Essay Instructions
Link to Mrs. Norris class lesson: Writing an APA Research Paper  check out Mrs. Smart's tutorial

Ms. Kessinger invited Mrs. Lopez to consult with her students about their work
Mrs. Smart teaching about Plagiarism     
Mrs. Smart teaching Mrs. Alcazar's class
We collaborated and planned with 3 teachers for lessons in December. Mr. Dickey, Ms. Dalton, and Mrs. Physioc.
We worked or collaborated and planned with the following departments: English, Soc. Studies, Career and Technical Education, World Languages, Math and Center for Information Technology.

Meetings and Learning Opportunities

We lead 2 PLC's- Professional Learning Communities on Tues. Nov. 3 about "The Big 6 Research process"
Our PLC in Google Classroom
We provided a Math Departmental Lunch on Wed. Nov. 4 and suggested ways we could collaborate on lessons.
We participated and talked with visitors during the Nov. 10 Safety Audit.
We had a Page Turner's book Club Meeting during one lunch on Nov. 10th and discussed George Orwell's, 1984.

We attended the VAASL  Virginia Association of School Libraries State Conference in Williamsburg on Nov. 20, where we presented a session on "Creative and Engaging Group Lessons for High School.   See presentation here: Librarians presentations at VAASL conference

We attend the faculty meeting on Nov. 17th at 8:00 where Dr. Kinlaw presented to the staff.
We attended the Veterans Assembly held in the gym.
Mrs. Lopez filmed Mrs. Smart teaching Mrs. Alcazar's classes for her National Board Submission.

Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez with the Library Pig at VAASL
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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