Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aug.-Sept. 2015

Aug.-Sept. 2015

Spirit Week: Waldo was found between 2 things

Mrs. Jameson, Mrs. Smart, and Mrs. Lopez

Library Orientation Classes for all ninth graders. Using the catalog, databases, websites, and easybib.


We are back to school and enjoying our classes.
There were 16 teaching days in September.
We taught 25 classes the month of September.
We had 1 day and 2 hours of staff development this month.
We had a bring a bagged lunch and book discussion during one lunch this month.
Mrs. Lopez attended a Mentoring Meeting at Wilder Middle School this month.
We attended one Faculty Meeting and one Leadership Meeting this month.
We sent in a proposal to VAASL to present at our state conference this November.
We had 1 departmental common planning lunch with the Soc.Studies department during one lunch.
We saw Mrs. Alcazar, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Russ, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Skinner, and Mrs. Farmer's 9th grade English classes for library orientation.
We worked with Mrs. Norris classes, Ms. Tolley's classes and Ms. Farmer's class came in for book check out.

Collaborating and Planning together

Students Recruiting for Page Turner's Book Club

Mrs. Norris class in the library

Good food and common planning

Common Planning with the Librarians Presentation
How can we assist you with your curriculum?
Teachers listen as we present about past lessons. See presentation below.


Mrs. Lopez instructing Ms. Tolley's Class

Welcome Back!
Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Jameson, and Mrs. Smart               

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