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March- Deep Run High School Library

March- 3-7
Mrs. Lopez sold tickets to the spring play on March 1st for the final performance Saturday night. Students performed, "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Program for the play
It SNOWED and we were out of school on March 3rd and March 4th.
We started 2 hours late on Wednesday March 5th.
We worked with 7 classes on March 6th and 7th.
Mrs. Smart sponsored the Deep Run Challenge Club meeting this week in the small gym.
We worked with 2 of Mrs. Latcovish's classes on using the online magazine Glossi for a project. Click here to see the lesson- House of Hanover Glossi Magazine Lesson
We worked with 4 of Mrs. Russ's classes on Mythology and becoming attorneys to try their cases about mythology Gods. Click here to see the lesson- Do the Crime-Do the Time Mythology lesson
Mrs. Russ giving instructions
We had a tailgate library promotion by the girl's team in Mr. Dickey's leadership class during extended study.
Students had to check out a book to get a ticket to come to the tailgate. We had more than 100 students there.

Get a ticket for book checkout
Food and Fun at the tailgate

Corn hole game at tailgate

Card game at tailgate


March 10-14
We rescheduled and held our Page Turners book club meeting this Monday.

Page Turners Game-Griffin the winner
We work with 8 classes this week.
We worked with 2 of Mr. Buscska's classes on World War II stations for 2 days. Click here to see the lesson - World War II Culture lesson

Mr. Bucska's class doing stations

We worked with 2 of Mrs. Gibson's classes on building a character profile using the online scrapbook mixbook. Click here to see the lesson-Character Profile lesson  
Mrs. Lopez explaining the Character Profile Project

Mrs. Gibson assisting students
Student creating mixbook scrapbook

We went and observed 2 of Mr. O'Dell's classes as they presented their projects which we helped them work on earlier using the online site Smores.
Students final project

Mr. O'Dell helping students make Smores

We worked with 3 of Mrs. Stockdale's classes this week on a World War II lesson. Click here to see the lesson- Take a Gander at Propaganda

Mrs. Smart giving instructions
example for students


We hosted a mentoring committee meeting on March 13 for all new librarians in the county. Mrs. Lopez is a mentor to the new GAHS librarian. The meeting started at 3:00 and ended at 5:00.

Mentoring Meeting at DRHS
Mrs. Tatum and Mrs. Lopez at Mentoring Meeting


Mrs. Smart collaborating with Mrs. Stockdale about lessons starting March 24th.  
March 14 is Pi Day- of course we have to support that by buying a piece of Pie!

Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart with Pie
March 14 & 15 was the Deep Run Marathon Dance- Our school raised over $254,000 for charity.

Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Lopez supporting DRMD with t-shirts
March 17-21
We were out of school on March 17th for SNOW.
We started 2 hours late on March 18th because of SNOW and ICE.
We worked with 3 of Mr. Hudson's  government classes using mixbook to compare countries. To see the lesson click here: example mixbook

Mr. Hudson assisting students
CIA World Fact Book


We worked with 4 of Mrs. Russ classes on their mythology projects this week.
We worked with 3 of Mrs. Pierce classes this week on resources about the 1960's.
Book sources for Mrs. Pierce's class

We had Mr. Dickey's leadership class, the boys team held tutoring sessions and bake sales during extended study 3 times this week in the library to promote the use of the library.

Tutoring and snacks in the library
Leadership tutoring


Mrs. Smart's book display
Cute sayings to catch your attention
More good books

March 24-31

We had a faculty meeting on Monday the 24th at 8:00am.
Visitors from North Carolina came to observe at our school.
Visitors observing in the library
We worked with one of Mrs. Carpenter's classes. They came to the library for poetry stations. To see the lesson and stations click here: poetry stations

Mrs. Carpenter's class
Mrs. Carpenter assisting students


We worked with 3 of Mrs. Stockdale's classes this week on The Cold War using a Glossi online Magazine.

We had a high school  librarians meeting this week at Belmont Recreation Association for 9:30-11:00.
There was a sales representative from Gale who showed us the Gale Virtual Reference Library, which can
be easily accessed from OneSearch. Online reference books that can be used by many students at the same time.

We had new books delivered this week and are now on display for students. Many non-fiction and fiction books to add to our collection. 

We had 21 teaching days in the month of March
We were out 3 of those days for SNOW 
We started one day 2 hours late for snow and ice
We worked with 8 different teachers this month
We worked with 39 classes this month.
We had 17 visitors from North Carolina schools come and observe classes all day on Wednesday March 26th. The visitors included superintendents, principals, teachers, and students. 
Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart helped serve along with others as facilitators of their tour. 
We had a leadership class where 2 teams held library promotional events this month.
We checked out 261 books this month
We collected $55.35 in color printing this month
We collected $8.75 in library fines this month.

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