Friday, February 28, 2014

February - Deep Run Library

Feb. 3-7

Students took make up exams on Monday and were proctored in the library. The whole day was used for make up exams.
We worked with Mr. Dickey and his leadership classes on a project they will be doing to promote the library. They are working in two groups and will be in a competition "like the apprentice TV show". The librarians and administrators will be judging this project.

Mr. Dickey class presenting their project to the judges

We worked with Mrs. Norris technology class on writing a research paper and thesis using APA style and format with citations using Noodle Tools.

Feb. 10-14

We worked with Mrs. Stockdale's classes to create digital  magazines that display the eras of the 1920's.
They will be working in groups and will chose from about 7-8 different scenarios that they will create their magazines about. Three of her classes will be coming in all week to work on their magazines.

Thinking we will be out of school for SNOW, the administrators surprised us with an early Valentines.

We were out of school on Feb. 13th and 14th for SNOW!

Feb. 17-21

Monday was scheduled as a staff development day but due to missed days from snow it will be a regular school day with students.
Tuesday morning we had a faculty meeting at 8:00 am.
Mrs. Norris brought in her class for research work this week and Mr. Battisti brought his class in too.
We went to watch the All Stars basketball game this week and supported our library friend Ethan Miller who eats lunch with us everyday. Go Ethan!
Mrs. Stockdale's classes came in to work on their projects. Here is an example of one groups Glossi Magazine.  Magazine- click here to see     Young Men's Magazine cover


We worked with  2 of Mrs. Berry's classes on doing research for "The Holocaust" project and using Noodle Tools for citations.
We worked with 2 of Mrs. Matthew's classes this week doing the computer time line lesson. They came in all week to complete this lesson. Students worked in groups and went to websites for information and then added to the large timeline.
Mrs. Matthew's class

Timeline directions and lesson

Feb. 24-28

We attended the secondary library quarterly meeting meeting after school on Monday at Tuckahoe Middle School from 4:15-5:45.
We expect to have a fire drill one day this week.
We worked with 3 of Mr. Clarkson's classes this week on a career research paper and writing a resume and cover letter for a job application.
Mr. Clarkson's class
We worked with 3 of  Mrs. Fuller's classes on poetry stations about Dickinson, and Whitman.

Mrs. Fuller's class
We worked with 2 of Mrs. Piece's classes this week on Cold War stations.

Mrs. Pierce's class

We worked with 2 of Mrs. Gibson's classes on building a mix-book scrapbook where they give a character profile of a character they portrayed in the play.  Here is an example of the mix-book they will produce. This lesson was moved to the first week of March.

We had 20 teaching days in February
1 day was used for make-up exams
2 days we were out for SNOW
We taught 32 classes in February
We collaborated with 11 different teachers in February
We collected $43.75 for color printing for the end of February
We collected $21.35 for fines in Jan. & Feb. 
We checked out 145  books in February
We used 371 books during classes in the library. 

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