Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April - Deep Run High School Library

April 1-4

We worked with 23 classes this week.
Mrs. Russ's classes presented their Mythology criminal cases this week in the library.

Evidence being presented to the Judge

Judge Smart


Opening Statement
Judge Battistone

Approaching the bench with Judge Fennessey
Judge Kish gives a verdit


Judge Pritchard hears evidence
Similar Court Case


Mrs. Dickey had 2 classes start a project on Roman Tours, where students create slideshows and become tour guides of their content and slides. Click here to see the lesson: Wildcats Roman Tours
Mrs. Stockdale had 2 classes come and learn how to create a smores study guide for SOL reviews
Mr. Hudson had 3 classes work in the library this week in Media 2 classroom.

April 7-11

Page turners book club met on Monday after school where we discussed this month reading of  Enders's Game. Then played the game sequence.


Sammye won the game and got to choose a book as her prize for winning.

Tuesday morning doughnuts from Mrs. Carpenter to celebrate National Library Month. Yummy

Mrs. Dickey's classes presenting their projects as tour guides on Rome Tours:


Public service announcement played on the morning announcements this week to promote National
School Library Month.

On Thursday Mrs. Lopez attended a Henrico21  scoring meeting at the school board office from 1:00-4:00.

Come during study hall on Thursday or Friday this week and read or check out a book in honor of National Library Month. Study hall teachers can give you a pass. You can read in the courtyard or the library. Check out this video about our new books.

Special pass to the library during study hall and National Library Month

Students reading in the courtyard during study-hall.

Friday we held an ice cream social in the library after all lunches for teachers and in honor of National Library Month.

Teacher's enjoying the ice cream social

Friday the PTA hospitality committee brought the library staff lunch from Panera Bread.

We worked with 19 classes this week.

April 14-18

We were on spring break this week.
Mrs. Lopez went to Disney World with her husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.
Mrs. Smart went to Staunton Virginia with her husband and daughter.
Mrs. Leonard celebrated her birthday over spring break.

April 21-25

On Tuesday we had a secondary librarians meeting at Belmont Recreation Association and found out about new Gale databases that the county is planning to purchase and EasyBib which will be purchased for all schools next year.

We also had the new grants coordinator present at our meeting and explain the process of applying for grants in the county. 
Mrs. Lopez has been working on scoring Henrico21 lessons this week for the county committee.
Mrs. Smart attended informational meetings this week about National Board Certification. 
We worked with 5 of Mrs. Gage's classes this week on copyright and images. 

Mrs. Smart teaching the lesson
applying what they learned

Mrs. Smart explaining usage rights
April 28-30

We worked with 2 of Mr. Clarkson's classes twice this week on writing a research paper.

Mrs. Smart assisting students
Students working independently

We worked with 2 of Mr. O'Dell's Oceanography classes this week on a research presentation.

Mrs. Smart introducing databases
teacher collaboration

One database students used

We had an athletic signing in the library for Caroline Mosberg, who will be playing tennis for Mary Washington University next school year. Congratulations Caroline.

Caroline with her parents and grandmother

Mrs. Lopez attended the final Henrico21 scoring committee meeting at Glen Allen High School this week.
Mrs. Smart worked at the Mr. Deep Run Competition this week after school on Monday evening.
We attended the National Library Month celebration with other librarians, principals, and school board members at Varina High School on Wednesday after school from 4:00-6:00.

There were 17 teaching days in April
We worked with 46 classes this month
We collected $14.40 in library fines this month
We collected $30.60 in color printing this month
We checked out 146 books this month