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November-Deep Run Library

Deep Run High School Library- A Bridge to Student Achievement

Last Day of October seniors get to wear Halloween costumes to school. Check out what happened in the library.
Will you be my homecoming date?
Robin and Batman

Batman checks out the situation

Typical Busy Mornings in the Library 

Finishing Homework

Printing Homework

checking out a book

Students Print in the mornings
Students check out books
Students complete homework
Students study for test  

And More Checkouts

November 1-8

November is National Picture Book Month. We celebrated by having teachers read parodies of books and showed them during Advisory time and then students answered questions about library services. Click on the link below to see the video:

Picture Book Month Video

Spirit week at DRHS in the library: Duck Dynasty Day!

DRHS students in the library

Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Leonard, and Mrs. Smart

We worked with Mrs. Stockdale's History classes this week on using primary sources and hypertext links for Google doc presentations to present to their classmates. To see the entire lesson click on this link:

Andrew Jackson Lesson

 guide and directions

example presentation site

We worked with Mrs. Oliver's and Mrs. Anderson's English classes on their 11th grade research papers and finding sources with databases and books, and using Noodle Tools for sources, citations, annotations, note cards, and outlines.

We worked with Mr. Dickey's History classes on the Enlightenment Period and students produced Round table discussion news cast to share with classmates, using cameras checked out from the library.

Students check out cameras for projects

We worked with Mrs. Dickey's English classes on the Russian Revolution, finding sources, and analyzing paintings during the period and writing about these painting and how does that relate to the novel "Animal Farm" which they are currently reading. To see the entire lesson click on the following link:

Russian Revolution Lesson

                                                                      Guide and directions

Example of painting

November 11-15

We continued to work with Mr. Dickey's History classes all week on their Round Table news cast projects.
Here is a copy of one of the finished projects, click on the following link:

We worked with Mrs. Skinner's English classes on Travel Poetry and using hypertext links to produce a Google site while learning poetry literary terms. To see the entire lesson click on the following link:

Travel Poetry Lesson

Guide and directions

                                                                example Google site

Mrs. Smart teaching how to organize a Google site with hyperlink text

We collaborated with Mrs. Coleman on lessons we will start next week using World World II stations and talked about future lessons for the Holocaust and the novel "Night" which they will read later on in the school year. To see the entire lesson, click on the following link: Cultural lesson WWII

Mrs. Coleman's class working on stations

Promoting Book Checkouts and 21st Century Technology

We worked with Mrs. Norris's technology classes showing them how to download a free APP on their smart phones to create their HCPS library card. Student's then tried it out by checking out a book. Watch the power-point presentation here : Power-Point, putting your library card on your phone

1st student using App on his i-Phone 

Mrs. Lopez teaching key ring App

Top Ten Reasons to Checkout a Library Book- on the rolling announcements and big screen in the library each morning. Look in School Space for the power-point presentation.

Mrs. Lopez attended a committee meeting for librarians in which she is a mentor to a new HCPS librarian.
Collection development, book review center, Follett book vendor, blog reviews, school library journal, core collection list in titlewave developed by the core collection committee, e-books and public library catalog were all discussed in helping choose new books for our libraries.

November 18-22

We worked with Mrs. Dickey's English classes on the Russian Revolution project they started last week.

We worked with Mrs. Coleman's English classes this week, they came to the library and worked through the World War II Stations lesson.

We sponsored Open Mic night in the library on Thursday Nov. 21st from 4:00-6:00. Students recited poetry, sang songs, and read readings of their own choosing.

Food to share at Open Mic Night

Students performing Open Mic Night

November 25 & 26

We held a "Page Turners" club meeting On Monday Nov. 25 after school to discuss the book, "The Rag and Bone Shop" by Robert Cormier. We had snacks, a discussion, answered questions and played the game of "Clue" since it went along with the theme of the book.

The Library Host Events During Extended Study
Nov. 6 - Governor's School Presentation and interest meeting
Nov. 14 - Signing Day for Athletes who have committed to play a sport in college.
Nov. 21 - Deep Run Challenge Club Meeting-decorating for Open Mic Night

Jacob, parents, coaches, and Principal
Athletic signing is always fun and exciting
in the library..........
Jacob Shaver signed with VMI to play Lacrosse

November was 17 school days and ........

We worked with 59 classes this month
We checked out 263 books this month
We had 390 books used during classes in the library
We collected $ 5.25 for fines this month
We collected $ 44.95 for color printing this month
Other schools borrowed 15 books from our library using inter-library loans this month
We visited 12 study halls with a book cart this month

Our library is a fun place to be..........................

Meet friends for lunch.......

read, or check out a book
For quiet independent study     

Or casual group work on projects

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