Friday, December 19, 2014

December 2014

We had 15 teaching days in the month of December.
We worked with 5 different teachers this month and had 36 classes in the library this month.

Mrs. Berry's English classes came in and worked on writing a persuasive research paper and used EasyBib and research techniques we taught them.

Mr. Knapp's  History classes came in and worked on a "Distribution of Wealth" Project where they researched in databases and websites we provided to them and also cited their sources in EasyBib,

Mr. Knapp's class working in Media 2 classroom

Mrs. Roger's Economic classes came in and worked on researching an "Entrepreneur" and will give speeches at the end of the month, as that Entrepreneur telling about their successes and failures.

Student presenting his project and speech
Mrs. Gibson's English classes came in and did a scavenger's hunt using our books and website links to answer questions that related to a novel study of "Fahrenheit 451", which they are currently reading in class.

Deep Run Challenge Club held an Open Mic Night as a fund raiser and had students perform and provided snacks after school in the library. Mrs. Smart and Mrs. Lopez sponsored the event.

Mrs. Latcovish's  Psychology classes finished up their projects "States of Consciousness" this month, sometimes working in the library or in their classroom.

Mrs. Smart assisting students in Mrs. Latcovish's class.

Page Turners Christmas Party fun with games and book exchange


Faculty drop by the library and enjoy cider, cookies and checkout a book before the holidays.

Meetings and other events:

December 3- Faculty Meeting 8:35, Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart
December 4- One Lunch Meeting 8:00 Mrs. Smart
December 11- Mentoring Committee Meeting - 3:30-5:00 Mrs. Lopez
December 16- Challenge Day (all day) Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Leonard - Mrs. Smart helped with 
December 17- Page Turners Christmas Party after School 4:00-5:15-Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Smart
December 18- Faculty Meeting 8:00 - Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Smart. The PTA served us a wonderful breakfast and the library staff all won prizes.

Mrs. Lopez's prize from the breakfast
Our book tree

Have a wonderful holiday break!

Thinking ahead for January:

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


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