Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014

Welcome back!

We taught 36 classes in the month of September.
We taught classes to most 9th grade English classes with a library scavenger hunt using the online catalog, databases, websites, and also citing these sources in easybib.

We taught Mrs. Matthew's classes on doing research with books and databases on inventions and entrepreneurs and preparing a speech to present to the class.

Books we pulled and used with Mrs. Matthews classes
We taught Mrs. Dickey's classes on doing research with books and databases on "Real Life Heroes".
We also taught them how to cite  these sources using Easybib. Library Services is now paying for every student and teacher in the county to have an Easybib school edition account.

Directions on getting into their Easybib account

We taught Mr. Bucska's class on doing research for a writing a research paper. We showed them databases, websites and how to evaluate them and how to cite and write annotations using Easybib.

We taught Mrs. Norris's classes how to write annotations and research for their capstone projects.

We spent 2 days providing teacher training on using Easybib and Databases. If we had time we also showed them e-books in our catalog, and Gale virtual reference e-books.

snacks for teachers
practicing what they learned

learning about Easybib
We have been weeding our collection and we will be doing inventory at the end of this school year and have been told we need to weed nearly 600 books from our collection.
Books we've pulled that need to be weeded from our collection
New books have arrived and are on display. Mrs. Smart made a very nice video that we showed during advisory on Monday and also displayed it in  hcps google + account. If you did not see it, look for it there. 
New books on display in the library
I like big books and I cannot lie.
check out the rap on the side

Book displays:
spooky books to read after dark


Mrs, Smart is so creative with her
book displays!

Our School wide Reading Incentive for this year:
Pick up a Bingo Card in the library to participate.

New lounge furniture and new printers have arrived in the library. So nice for all our patrons.

sofas and tables
4 new student printers in the library

New Databases in OneSearch
: Check out these paid for subscriptions for you and your students

Meetings in September:

Sept. 3- We meet with Mr. Pritchard to plan teacher training at 1:45

Sept. 9- Faculty Meeting with Dr. Kinlaw at 8:00 in the auditorium

Sept. 16- Meet with Mr. Pritchard about TalentEd and our evaluations at 4:00

Sept. 18- Godwin HS librarian who is Mrs. Lopez Mentee came to observe lessons

Sept. 19- Met with all high school librarians and specialist 9:30-11:30 and looked at Gale Virtual Reference e-books

Sept 24 & 25- Mrs. Leonard spent half day training, learning about attendance as the backup attendance secretary.

Sept. 29- Mrs. Smart met with our specialist to discuss Standard 7 since she is on the full 3 year evaluation cycle.

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